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About the Department

The Department of Dance, Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication has been one of the first attempts to adapt traditional systems of training in classical dance styles of Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam for post-graduate studies at University level providing opportunity for students to sharpen their technique and craft, analyse classical dance forms through closer study of aesthetic theories expounded in ancient Sanskrit texts, and made critical interventions in bridging gap between theory and practice. The Department of Dance was established in 1988 as part of the S.N. School.

Department of dance conducts advanced training in dance, particularly classical Indian dances both in theoretical and practical aspects. As one of the pioneering University bodies to adapt Classical Dance Studies to a modern university approach, Department of Dance has been progressing in envisioning and executing innovative ideas in Classical Dance Practice in all its various professional aspects such as choreography, stage presentation in all its component aspects, rasaabhinaya, dance music and dance music composition, art management and digital arts, international understanding of Indian classical dance, dance history, natya sastra, dance appreciation and dance research.

Salient Features

Music Studio
Music studio was established by the department in 2009-10 to facilitate the dance students to get exposed to different music related technology and also live instruments to understand music appropriate to dance. Proper training will be given to the students to compose their own music by creating creative compositions for their choreography. In this process, they understand the depth of the music which influences movement phases intended for any dance sequences, may be solo, thematic, dance-drama and group choreography.   This is the first of its kind in India.

The course structure enables the master aspirants to become an independent performer / choreographer / teacher / nattuvanar / music composer and stage property designer at the end of their master’s degree.

Technical Aspects of Dance performance
This course facilitates the masters’ aspirants to realize the importance of stage-design, craft making, property making like; head-gears, masks etc. In this particular course, students will be introduced to different techniques like; making of masks through POP surgical bandages, balloons, papers, cardboard, charts and sponge etc. making of headgears through cloth, cardboard and different materials.Along with the above, the students will also get introduced to make-up and its technics.  In this process, students will be given training to understand make-up for self and different characters.

Arts Management and Digital Arts
Arts Management:
This is a 4 credit course which is divided into 2 credits each for the Arts Management and Digital arts.  The course trains student in aspects such as team management, financial management, art marketing etc.

Digital Arts:
This course allows the student to understand movement/dance for camera. Students will be given training in basic shots, pre-production and post-production through which students will get exposed to understand how a dance sequence is composed for camera. The aim of the course is to enable the master aspirants towards mass media.

Audio Visual Archives:
The Department has been enlarging its collection of audio visual material from time to time.  This material is used as class room aid to be more explicit in the teaching methods.


MPA (Dance)

Kuchipudi & Bharatanatyam


Ph.D (Dance)

History & Evolution of dance forms