Suresh BV


1960 Born in Bangalore, Karnataka India.

B V Suresh, an art teacher and a practicing artist, is continuously negotiating the visual fields of the contemporary – that includes everything, from art practice to our immediate surroundings. He has acquired his language and his strategies from his training first from Baroda and later from the Royal College of Art, London. His work is a take on the issues of realism where he employs multiple realisms, questions of history and narration and even the engagement with the circulation of mass media images. He represents a range of images from diverse sources including comic books, hoardings, newspapers, television, films, advertisements; the images that constitute everyday visual experience of many people.

His works are combined of videos, installations, paintings and digital prints through which Suresh explores distinct themes and employs certain narrative strategies in the process.

Degrees Held

1978 Ken School of Arts, Bangalore
1985 Diploma and Post Diploma in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University of Baroda
1987 MA in Painting at Royal College of Arts, London


“Arrival” (VAICA Festival 2020, Kiran Nader Museum of Art, New
2018 Canes of Wrath” (Installation at Kochi Muzuris Biennale,
2017 “Chronicles of Silence”(Installation at Serendipity Art Festival  Goa)
2016 ‘Khamoshi ki Daastan’ Samukha Art Gallery, Bangalore
2016 ‘Chronicles of Silence’ Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2006 ‘Facilitating the Beast’, Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi
1998 ‘Recent Works’, Gallery Chemould, Mumbai
1992 Gallery 7, Mumbai
1991 Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore, Karnataka
1988 Gallery 7, Mumbai

international participation

2009 Hong Kong Art Fair, China
2008 “Destination Asia: Non-Strict Correspondence”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2005 Video Art, Durban, South Africa
2000 International Theatre Festival, Tokyo

Group Exhibition:

2016 “Imagined Futures Reconstructed Pasts”, Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi
2014 “Aesthetic Bind, Cabinet Closet Wunderkammer”, Chemould Gallery, Mumbai
2013 “Irreversible”, video installation, Site Gallery, GIDC Baroda
2012 “Re-Fraction”, 5.12 min video, White Wash, Baroda
2011 “Albino”, 5.20 min video, Tao Gallery, Mumbai
2009 “Sin Drom”, India Art Summit, New Delhi
2008 “Golden Quadrilateral, Mechanisms of Motion”, Anant Art, New Delhi
2008 “Golden Quadrilateral”, 3 min video, “Time Transcendent”, Tamarind Art Gallery, New York
2008 “Shadows”, 3 min video. “New Media Workshop”, Uttrayan, Baroda
2008 “Retakes of the Shadow”, 3 min video, “Destination Asia: Non-Strict Correspondence”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2005 “The Tale of the Talking Face”, 5 min video, Durban, South Africa

illustrations for children’s book

1991 “Gadbad Ghotala”, Story by Safdar Hashmi
2008 “Untold School Stories – Three fourth, Half Price, Bajji, Bajji”, Story by Kadir Babu
2015 “The Walking Stick”, Picture Book by B.V. Suresh

Research Interests: 

New Expressions in Visual Art/ Digital Art/ Video & Sound Art/ Contemporary Visual Culture.

Awards And Honours: –

Karnataka State Lalit Kala Academy Award and Scholarship, Inlaks Scholarship, Senior Fellowship Govt of India, Bharat Bhavan National Award.