Narender Revelli Media Fellowship


The Narender Revelli National Media Fellowships are aimed at early-career journalists. 

Working in print, television, web media, our Fellows’ work will bring together under-reported stories.

The aftermath of a Pandemic

Livelihoods, Public Health Infrastructure, Migration, Vaccination,
Marginalised Communities, Community Initiatives, Community Behaviour, Gender, etc.

What do Fellows receive?

  • Two/ three Fellowships totalling Rs.1,00,000. 
  • The Fellowship amount may vary depending on the applications received, based on  a review by the Foundation and the Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad.

Fellowship duration

  • Four months within which the stories have to be published/broadcast

Who can apply?

  • Journalists who are Indian nationals
  • Early-career journalists employed in  print/television/web portals
  • Independent journalists with a proven track record
  • Age: Under 40 years
  • Language:  English, Telugu

How to apply?

  • Eligible applicants will apply online with a detailed proposal on what s/he intends to work on, with a clear synopsis indicating  the geographic area, scope, and timelines.
  • Every proposal will be accompanied by an undertaking that fresh, original work will be done, based on the proposal, and a commitment from the editor of a publication/channel/portal that the output shall be published, along with acknowledgement in print that the stories have been generated under the fellowship.
  • Independent journalists also need to submit an undertaking from the editor of a newspaper/portal/channel committing to accept the work after appropriate editorial scrutiny.


  • The expected output from the awardees is two-three well-researched stories with images by print/web journalists and a special feature/documentary by visual media journalists.
  • The Fellowship amount will be released in parts, with an initial advance and the rest after the output is published.

Key Dates

Entries open  November 25, 2021
Deadline to submit online proposals January 07, 2021, 5 p.m.
Fellow announcements January 17, 2022
Deadline to submit published stories June 07, 2022

Freqently Asked Questions


  • Is there an application fee?No
  • What will the Fellowship cover/ support?Expenses of travel and research 
  • How many proposals can I submit?Only one
  • Who should sign the Commitment Letter?Editor of publication/channel
  • How much research should I show?The story should be based on field/data research and interviews. 
  • Which project locations are eligible?Anywhere in India
  • What type of media do you support?Print/Electronic/Web
  • Will projects already in progress be considered?No. Fresh proposals need to be submitted to us. 


  • What will be the selection process?
    The selection will be based on a detailed proposal to be submitted by the candidate and will be done by an eminent jury which will decide on the basis of merit and potential of the story ideas proposed by the candidate.
  • What type of stories are likely to be considered?
    Story ideas that fall within the purview of the broad theme and sub themes and hold potential. Preference will be given to fresh ideas, innovative approaches and addressing issues unexplored hitherto. 
  • Will each applicant receive feedback on his/ her proposal?
    The selected proposals, yes. 

Fellowship Coverage

  • What will the Fellowship cover?
    Expenses for travel, research and miscellaneous expenses. 
  • Will I be required to submit bills at the end of the project?
    This will be decided at the time of the signing of the contract


  • How long will the Fellowship be?
    Once the Fellowship is granted, the Journalist will be given a period of approximately 4 months (140 days) to research, submit and publish his/her work. 
  • When should I deliver the output?
    The publication/broadcasting of all the stories has to happen before May 31, 2022. 
  • How should I deliver the output?
    The selected journalist needs to submit the output first to an eminent jury, selected by UoH and TF, and once the stories are vetted and approved, they may be published/broadcast. 
  • Can I seek additional funding from other sources on the proposal?
    The Department of Communication, UoH and TF will take a call on this question as and when it comes up. 

You will need

  • Curriculum Vitae (Max: 2 pages). Mention the most important milestones & stories only
  • Age Proof
  • Proposal and Statement of purpose
  • Letter of recommendation/interest from the media house to publish the story – Commitment from publishing house on publishing the Fellowship outcomes
  • At least two samples or links to sample published work
  • Professional achievements, in case of young professionals/freelancers, and academic accomplishments for graduates
  • Undertaking that fresh, original work will be produced 
  • Passport size photograph


Queries related to the Fellowship: turagafoundation2021 AT gmail DOT com