Prof. P.Thirumal, Dean

P.Thirumal completed his Masters in Psychology and Communication at Bangalore University. He submitted his Thesis titled “Region as an Imagined Community: An Interpretative Study of Deccan Herald” to the Department of English, Pondicherry University.

He has published in the area of Cultural Histories of North East India, Technology Studies, Caste Embodiment and Discrimination in Higher Education. He has taught advanced theory courses for Doctoral Students and has supervised dissertations across subject domains like Theory and History, Aesthetics and Performative cultures. He began his career as a Science Communication teacher at the
Centre for Science and Technology Communication, Pondicherry University and joined the Department of Communication University of Hyderabad in 1998. 


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 Histories of Media and Performative Cultures, edited with Nuaiman K.A. (Orient Blackswan, forthcoming)

Chapters in Books
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