Experienced & renowned

Dr. Radhakrishnan Chair Professor
Bansi Kaul

Anandhakrishnan, Ph.D (Madras)-Performance Studies, Production Process (Head of the Department).

Satyabrata Rout, M.A (National School of Drama), Ph.D (C.C.S. University, Meerut University) – Scenography and Direction: Theory and Practices

 Jnaneswara Bhikshu, Ph.D (Hyderabad)-Indian Drama and Theatre (Classical), History, Theory, Text (Western)


Associate Professors
Rajiv Velicheti, M.A. in Dramatic Arts (National School of Drama) – Theatre History, Acting and Direction

Noushad Mohammad, M.A. (National School of Drama), Adv. Diploma in Actor Training (TTRP, Singapore) – Acting.

Kanhaiya Lal Kaithwas, M.A. (National School of Drama) Design and Theatre Craft

Assistant Professor
Riken Ngomle, M.A. (National School of Drama), Advance Course in Acting, Grotowsky Institute, Wroclaw, Poland- Acting.