MPA (Dance)

Emphasis on Kuchipudi & Bharatanatyam

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Masters’ Programme is

  • To make the students thoroughly grounded in the core areas of Textual Traditions, Dance Music, Dance Studies, Dance Movement Analysis, Stage Craft, Historiography of Indian and International Dance forms, Dance Pedagogy, Digital Arts, Arts Management, and, Choreography
  • To enable application of scientific approaches in understanding traditional arts forms, and gain extensive skills to perform the chosen dance form
  • Help the students develop a niche of their own in their specialized dance form (Kuchipudi/Bharatanatyam)
  • Prepare the students to be independent thinkers and scholars

Mission Statement

The Mission of the MPA Dance Programme of the Department is

  • To meticulously observe the implementation of the objectives and approaches to realize

(a) The set Academic goals

(b) To accomplish the laid creative endeavours

(C)To strengthen the synergy between theory and practice

Programme Learning Outcomes:

After completing the M P A (Dance) programme, the students will be able to

  • Understand the various body dynamics involved in a particular dance form and will be able to perform the chosen form with an awareness
  • Analyze the works of legendary masters and apply those elements in their present works.
  • Assemble, guide (the musicians), and create their own music for their dance performances. Also, compose and construct own Jatis for a different context.
  • Correlate the organic relation between texts (dance and dramaturgy treatises, dance literature including lyrical compositions) and the performance of different genres.
  • Comprehend the historical, ethnographical, and socio-cultural perspectives of the development of dance and differentiate various dance forms, both in India and worldwide.
  • Demarcate and distinguish the relations between scientific education and artistic performance, and question and justify their respective schools of thought.
  • Delve into the allied areas of performance, which include stagecraft (stage design, set design, property making), stage lighting, make-up, and music composition-through technology.
  • Make themselves into effective Art Managers.
  • Understand the digital media and create movements/dance for the camera and distinguish the relation between pre-and-post-production.
  • Choreograph independent dance compositions.
  • Comprehend the concept of research and enrich their creative abilities in the field of dance and their allied areas.