MPA (Dance)

Emphasis on Kuchipudi & Bharatanatyam

The Masters in Performing Arts (dance) is an intense full-time two-year programme. It is a well-balanced course, in terms of theory and practice and is spread over four semesters.

The course structure provides scope to build up dance performance and scholarship, give insight into the practical and theoretical understanding of various dance forms, and, initiates students into research and pedagogy.

The course is devised to provide advanced training to students who have had intensive training in dance for at least five years prior to admission. It is aimed to give a clear understanding of the dance forms which would help the students not only to dance in the style of their choice with greater felicity, but also to undertake choreographic work in that style; they are encouraged to take up both individual and group works for choreography. The various courses, spread over two years, are designed to create an understanding of the development of Indian dance and dance forms all over the world. Though the major stress is on classi­cal Indian dance (as perceived through the various texts, beginning with Bharata’s Natya Sastra), a course in contemporary dance is also made a part of the course. A project work based on field study is made compulsory to train the student in the field of research in their final semester. The students have the option to specialise either in Kuchipudi or in Bharatanatyam in their practicals.

The aim of the course is to enhance the scholarship of dance in practice and theory, initiate them into research and teaching and to develop an ability to aesthetically appreciate dance as a specialised human endeavour.