MPA in Music

MPA (Music) (Carnatic and Hindustani – Vocal/Instrumental)  –  The Masters in Performing Arts (Music) is a full-time two year Programme comprising four Semesters.  The curriculum strikes a balance between theory and practice and is structured to provide the students an opportunity to understand the historical, textual, aesthetic, critical and practical dimensions of the art of music and its practices and traditions.  Students will also be initiated into research, writing and performing and offered a chance to explore and strengthen their skills in inter/multi-disciplinary studies in music and its allied musical traditions and practices.

 The academic curriculum will be complemented through Lectures, Demonstrations and Workshops by eminent visiting artists of national and international repute, seminars, conferences, workshops etc., on a regular basis.  The department aims to provide the necessary impetus and an ideal learning environment to an aspiring music enthusiast on the path of becoming a successful musician, musicologist, researcher, teacher or an entrepreneur.  


Programme Learning Outcomes

 On completion of the two year MPA (Music) course, students will be able to –

  • become adept in both the art and science of music
  • appreciate the significance and importance of established traditions
  • explore the creative dimensions of performance aspects
  • apply the nuances of theoretical aspects to present aesthetical performances
  • gain knowledge about the comparative and critical aspects of various styles of music
  • understand the wide scope for research in music and its associated subjects.
  • use theory to bridge gaps between traditional and modern conceptions of music and its practice
  • have an overview about the documentation and legal aspects of music productions
  • use technology to explore recording, promoting, propagating and preserving music and music instruments
  • understand the intricate linkages between technology and music production